Agri-food businesses have continuous handling needs that differ from those of other industries. To do this, you can count on our experience in the agri-food sector so that we already understand your needs in terms of food safety. All of our conveyors are available in stainless steel versions to adapt to the agri-food sector's standard, thereby avoiding any contamination to your products.

When moving mats are designed by our draftspeople-designers, when conveyor systems are made by Benne S.A., they always comprise no retention points to make it easier to clean them and they can also be made entirely from shot blasted stainless steel to avoid rust. In the same way, our conveyor belts are supplied with their food safety certificates so that they are compliant with European standards. Food industry players have, for many years now, shown their ongoing trust in the quality of our conveyors. Do like they do: Buy one of our conveyors and it will become one of your partners for life (see Our references).


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