Waste management

Waste processing and management is an activity that calls for conveyor belt mats that are resistant to product corrosion as well as to the various impacts and cuts that they may receive. 

Today, we offer conveyor systems using belts or metal bands that are fully automated to manage, process, sort and carry, etc. all of your waste.          

Regardless of your manufacturing process, we adapt our conveyors to your plant and to your operators working nearby, by:

  • Reducing the need for manual handling thanks to automated and continuous handling functions,
  • Installing ergonomic workstations on our sorting conveyors to ensure the best conditions for your operators,
  • Producing completely sealed conveyor belt mats to avoid any release of dust, particles, steam, etc.,
  • Encasing all of our machines to avoid any mechanical hazards like crushing, compacting, squashing, etc.,
  • Improving production flows to facilitate personnel traffic and movement.

Waste treatment and management industry players have, for many years now, shown their ongoing trust in the quality of our conveyors. Do like they do: Buy one of our conveyors and it will become one of your partners for life (see Our references).

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