Find here all the information concerning the measures applied in our company within the framework of the COVID 19 health crisis.

In order to ensure the protection of our employees, collaborators and contacts while allowing the continuity of our services, BENNE S.A. has set up the actions below on its site in Castres:


- Wearing a mask is compulsory.

- Application of the business continuity plan from 17/03/2020.

- Updating of the Single Document.

- Implementation of teleworking for the staff concerned (offices).

- Shifting of shift times to limit the number of people working simultaneously in the changing rooms.

- Posting of preventive measures and informing staff by e-mail.

- Installation of hydro-alcoholic gel dispensers in many areas of the company.

- Provision of disinfectant spray and paper towels in many areas of the establishment.

- Provision of masks for employees and any external persons.

- Installation of metal screens between staff working on computer workstations and in the same office.

- Reinforcement of the cleaning and disinfection of the premises by the establishment's cleaning company.

- Implementation of a protocol in the event of symptoms or suspicion of COVID-19.

- Limiting the number of people from outside the company.

- Introduction of a visitor reception sheet.

- Ventilation of the premises.

- Procedure for disinfecting company vehicles between each use.

The entire BENNE S.A. team remains mobilised to accompany you in this difficult context and wishes you to get through this crisis in the best possible conditions.

Find out more about our virus protection products below



  • Gel dispensers

    Equip yourself with our virus prevention equipment.

    Instant gel distribution, simple, fast and effective.

    All stainless steel (brushed finish) or painted steel.

    Adaptable to your visual identity: personalise your distributor!

    Eligible for the aid set up by the state for the reimbursement of 50% of the expenses for protective equipment.

    Order yours on our site by clicking HERE


  • Mask dispenser

    A new innovation in the fight against viruses.

    Completely contact-free use with an internal sterilization of the loader.

    For more information :

    Storage capacity of 500 masks
    Possibility of personalising the dispenser with your visual identity
    Contactless payment or identification systems
    Structure secured by a locking system
    Masks supplied in sterilised packaging


    Width: 780 mm
    Height and depth: 1295 mm
    Weight : 420 KG




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