An automated conveyor for food containers

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Types de convoyeurs Courbe

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Technical description:

The purpose of this equipment is to carry, turnover and dry sealed plastic food containers.

The turnover system is possible on both production lines with a simple change that does not require any tools and the turnover system does not affect product quality (it does not pierce the seal, scratch, tear, etc.).

All of the conveyors and accessories allow linking the various machines and they manage the product flow so that production levels are as linear as possible.

The conveyor speed or product handling rate never slows the machine located immediately downline.

Line productivity: Producing a quantity of 74,000 containers in 7.5 hours with a maximum line production rate of 90,000 containers.

The products carried are PP/EVOH/PP containers in various sizes:

  • A minimum of 130 x 130 mm or a 130 mm diameter with a minimum height of 36 mm,
  • A maximum of 230 x 230 mm or a 230 mm diameter with a maximum height of 70 mm.

Application :
Container conveyor, turnover system, drier and carrier. This system can be used by all industries that need to turnover, dry and/or carry products.
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