An automated tyre conveyor system

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Types de convoyeurs Courbe

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Technical description:

The conveyor system comprises a set of conveyors forming a tyre transportation line. The customer wishes to include tyre deburring into the current line.

The products carried are all sizes of tyres (with the weight and size varying from one tyre to another). They are carried flat, on the way out of the presses and cool on the accumulation conveyors.

The system operates in three 8 hour shifts at a rate of 22,000 tyres per day.

The project comprises a modification to the existing conveyors as well as making and installing a free spinning roller conveyor, a curved free spinning roller conveyor, a straight driven roller conveyor, a modular belt conveyor and a coiled conveyor.

The equipment meets the stipulations of the machine directive 2006/42/EC in terms of safety and are delivered with a CE certificate of installation conformity.

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Application :
Continuous automated tyre carrying, for all sizes and weights, with a deburring function incorporated into the production line. The ability to use it with any other product that required deburring.
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