Compteuse et metteuse en carton de pochons (300pochons/min.) View larger

A pouch counter and boxing unit (300 pouches per min.)

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Technical description:

The system allows recovering pouches of biscuits from an existing packaging line and distributes the pouches to boxes for packing.

Two operators (at stations on each side of the system) position and remove the boxes in three zones each.

The system is installed in place of a retractable line conveyor to shunt the product flow and bring the pouches to the distribution machine via an inclined conveyor. 

The pouches are placed in the boxes via a retractable band conveyor and transfer plates defined in three zones. Each zone corresponds to a box location. A rotary transfer flap is used to feed the boxes to each operator station. 

The band moves forward automatically to distribute the pouches into each box, depending on the number of pouches per box programmed ahead of time by the operator (tolerance: +/- 2 pouches). 

Once the last box (the third one) at a station is full, the operator can remove them and put new empty boxes in place while the system distributes the pouches to the second operator station.

Application :
Carrying biscuits packed in pouches of two or four, using an elevator conveyor, then transferring them to a retractable conveyor used to count the pouches and place them in the boxes. This system can be used to count all kinds of small products (pens, keys, sugar cubes, individually packed products, etc.) and place them in boxes.
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