Complete line for transporting kitchen furniture

Complete line for transporting kitchen furniture


This line transports kitchen furniture, before it is sorted based on its labels.


Technical description:

In all, the line consists of:

  • storage systems where kitchen drawers are placed
  • 2 lift conveyors
  • 2 belt conveyors with 3 tracks

The goal is to transport drawers for kitchen furniture and sort them based on their labels.

The drawers are placed on conveyors that transport them to the storage systems. The storage systems bring the drawers little by little into a sorting area.

Here the labels of each drawer are scanned to enable them to be sorted. The drawers end up in the right zone based on their labels.


Products transported: drawers for kitchen furniture



This type of project can be created in the following activity sectors:

  • furniture


Sheet metal and metal structure created in-house by our fabrication department: 

Boiler making

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