Conveyors and robots for manufacturing hamburgers

Conveyors and robots for manufacturing hamburgers


The goal of the project is to use a robot and conveyors to automatically place the top halves of burger buns on mini-hamburgers.


Technical description:

The conveyor has small cleats separating:

  • The bun tops
  • The burgers, consisting of bread, meat, cheese and sauce (ketchup and burger sauce in this case)

The burger ingredients are arranged manually by operators upstream of the conveyor.

A robot uses a vacuum system to pick up the bun tops and place them on the burgers. The burgers then pass on to a second conveyor that sends them for packaging.

At the customer’s request, the conveyors and the robot structure are suitable for the daily cleaning required in the agri-food sector (stainless steel and easy to dismantle).


Products transported:

  • Burger buns weighing 5 to 20 g

The line operates three seven-hour shifts, seven days a week.

The rate requested by the customer is 45 burgers per minute on four tracks, or 10,800 burgers per hour.



The assembly can be used for automatically positioning other products, such as bagel lids, sandwich tops or any other products consisting of multiple layers.