Textiles and laundry

The textile industry covers all of the activities to design, make, sell and clean textile products, clothing and leather wear.

Building on its experience in making denting equipment and weaving combs since 1919 Benne S.A. knows the needs of companies in this sector and listens to their needs. 

Our conveyors are specially designed to meet your production needs: 

  • Carrying your products from point A to point B 
  • Supplying your production machines with wool, feathers or cloth 
  • Transferring products between your machines 
  • Taking your products to the packing machines
  • etc.

Further, our conveyor systems can be completely sealed to avoid any issues linked to inhaling fine particles and our conveyor belt mats are designed with the aim of improving production flows and the ergonomics at the workstations for your operators.

Textile, clothing, leather wear and laundry specialists have, for many years now, shown their ongoing trust in the quality of our conveyors. Do like they do and buy one of our conveyors and it will become one of your partners for life (see Our References).

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