Packaging goods optimally is a key stage in a company’s handling process. Appropriate packaging for the products being transported will make them easier to handle and enable the company concerned to convey them more quickly under the best conditions. Our industrial conveyors can be customised to meet the specific needs of your packaging line, simplifying the packaging of your goods. You can integrate packing machines perfectly suited to your activity sector into your conveyor system.

Benne SA can help you choose your packing conveyor

Specialising in building custom industrial conveyors tailored to the needs of all activity sectors, Benne SA offers its expertise in industrial handling to design your conveyors for packing your products.

Depending on your specific needs for the packaging of your goods, a standard conveyor might not be quite what you need. To satisfy your individual logistical constraints, we can design and produce custom conveyors to suit your industrial problems.

In order to offer turnkey conveyor solutions, we build on the standard conveyors in our “Néoveur” range, which we then modify to design a packing conveyor that will meet your expectations in full.

All the stages in the production of our packing conveyors (studies, design and manufacture) rely on reliable, tested techniques to guarantee optimum design quality.

Our custom conveyors for packing your products are designed by our engineering office and manufactured at our workshops in Castres before being assembled directly at your site for optimum quality control.

Discover our packing and packaging conveyors

To facilitate the packing and packaging of your products, Benne SA offers packing conveyors designed for integration with specific packing machines at the end of the packaging line:

  • Cartoning machine for putting your products in boxes
  • Palletising machine for stacking your products on pallets
  • Taping machine
  • Sealer for palletised loads
  • Wrapper to safeguard the handling of your products on pallet trucks
  • Shrink-wrap packaging machine for wrapping batches of your products

All these packaging systems, tailored to your logistical constraints, will make life easier for your operators and improve the ergonomics of their role. By optimising your packaging lines with a custom conveyor, you can increase your production rate, since the packing of your products will be fully automated.

Not all goods require the same packaging. That’s why we offer custom conveyors to help pack your products. From box filling to the packaging of chocolate bars, our custom conveyors will be able to respond to your needs and your industrial challenges in the packing of your products.


Ligne de conditionnement pour étiqueter des produits

Conveyor system for labelling and checking packaged products in the agri-food industry

Convoyeur à bande pour le transport de balles enrubannées

Conveyor line for transporting wrapped bales

Ligne de convoyage pour le stockage de palette de caoutchouc

Transport and storage of rubber pallets


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