Transporting pallets between two points

Set of conveyors for transporting pallets



The goal of this project is to transport pallets of cardboard boxes upstream and downstream for filming.



We produced several conveyors:

  • 4 driven-roller conveyors powered by a variable speed unit
  • 1 handling chain conveyor


Technical data:

  • Product transported: pallets
  • Dimensions of the product transported: Pallets measuring 1,200×800 and weighing 500 to 800 kg
  • Rate: 16 m/min
  • Temperature: 25°C
  • Cleaning: blower
  • Environment: No specific environment, conveyors cleaned with a blower system



This project applies to the transport of wooden pallets or any heavy, cumbersome load.

  • Timber sector
  • Manufacturers (for heavy weights)

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