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Production at plastics and rubber industries calls for conveyors that can bear high temperatures, machine vibration and corrosive products.      

When our engineers produce quotes, points that are important for you are taken into consideration, then put into application by our draftspeople when design works starts before the parts are tested at our factory, prior to final assembly at your facilities. 

Our conveyor mats are widely used in the rubber and plastics industries throughout the manufacturing process to carry all of your products, whether in the form of granulates, powders, strips, or finished or other products.          

Our conveyor systems are designed to carry all of your products under your conditions while at the same time reducing, as far as possible, any hazards your operators are exposed to, such as: 

  • The hazards caused by manual handling (machine loading, packing, carrying heavy loads, etc.) thanks to continuous handling that is fully automated,
  • Exposure to powders, dust and fine particles by sealing all of your conveyors. 

Plastics and rubber makers have, for many years now, shown their ongoing trust in the quality of our conveyors. Do like they do: Buy one of our conveyors and it will become one of your partners for life (see Our references).

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