Pharmaceuticals and chemicals

Pharmaceutical and chemical production is regulated by a number of health related organisations.

To assist the pharmaceuticals and chemicals industries in convoying, Benne S.A. remains very vigilant when making your future production tools. 

All of our conveyors can be entirely made from stainless steel for frequent cleaning and we are also able to make conveyor systems that are completely sealed to facilitate the passage between two different pressure zones. 

The conveyor belt mats made by Benne S.A. for the pharmaceuticals and chemicals industries are specially designed for:

  • Easy identification, maintenance and cleaning,
  • Validation of the manufacturing process before production along with the product flows, 
  • Ease of use by your operators, thanks to the simple, intuitive equipment control, 
  • Allowing each conveyor component to be monitored and replaced if necessary, 
  • Adapting to your production plants and your structural constraints.

Pharmaceuticals and chemicals industry players have, for many years now, shown their ongoing trust in the quality of our conveyors. Do like they do: Buy one of our conveyors and it will become one of your partners for life (see Our references).

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