Companies working in the pharmaceutical sector have specific needs in terms of handling due to the specific nature of pharmaceutical products. The design of pharmaceutical products is governed by strict regulations and these products have to be handled under optimum conditions.

Putting appropriate conveyor systems in place enables pharmaceutical manufacturers to respond to the logistical constraints involved in transporting their products.
Specialising in building custom conveyor systems tailored to the needs of industry, Benne SA offers its expertise in industrial handling in the form of its range of pharmaceutical conveyors.

Which pharmaceutical conveyors does your company need ?

Not all pharmaceutical products necessarily involve the same logistical constraints. Pharmaceutical product handling applies equally to bulk medication in the form of tablets or capsules and to pharmaceutical products packaged in tubes, sachets or boxes. Pharmaceutical manufacturers thus need specific pharmaceutical conveyors depending on the products they wish to transport.


Our pharmaceutical conveyors enable you to ensure appropriate transport for your pharmaceutical products.  Thanks to our expertise, we can design:

  • Conveyor lines to carry empty boxes and crates towards picking stations for order preparation
  • Conveyor lines to transport sacks of dirty laundry in hospitals
  • Mechanised conveyor systems to carry boxes of medical products
  • Sealed stainless steel conveyors to transport Petri dishes in the chemical industry
  • Conveyors suited for transporting soap pearls in the cosmetics sector
  • Conveyors designed to carry blood sample tubes for pharmaceutical laboratories


The different conveyor systems we design for the pharmaceutical industry can include several types of conveyors depending on the pharmaceutical products to be transported:

  • Belt conveyor
  • Straight modular high-angle belt conveyor
  • Curved modular belt conveyor
  • Standard gravity conveyor
  • Straight motorised roller conveyor
  • 90° curved motorised roller conveyor
  • Motorised roller conveyor with ejector
  • Double-chain pallet conveyor with perpendicular collection point

Benne SA’s expertise in the design of pharmaceutical conveyors

To meet the specific needs of the pharmaceutical sector in terms of hygiene and safety standards, our pharmaceutical conveyors are designed using stainless steel blasted with micro-beads to guarantee the sealed, sterilised transport of your pharmaceutical products. Our pharmaceutical conveyors are also designed to be easy to dismantle, making them quick and efficient to clean in order to protect the compliance of your pharmaceutical products with the hygiene standards in force with minimum production line downtime.


All the pharmaceutical conveyors we offer are developed by engineering teams and our design office at our workshops in Castres, and are assembled directly at your site to guarantee optimum quality control. All our pharmaceutical conveyors are delivered with all the mandatory technical documents: assembly plan, compliance documents, technical rule list, description of the measures taken to prevent risks, instruction manual. Finally, technical support and a dedicated after-sales team are available if you have any problems with any of our pharmaceutical conveyors.


Système de convoyage pour l'acheminement de tubes de sang

Conveyor system for transporting and checking blood samples

Convoyeur et poste de travail pour l’acheminement de tubes de sang

Conveyor and workstation for blood samples

convoyeurs industrie pharmaceutique

Sealed stainless steel conveyor for industry

Convoyeur pour transport de perle de savon

Conveyor for transporting soap pearls


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