The chemical industry involves handling sensitive products that can sometimes be corrosive. Consequently, chemicals are among the most dangerous industrial products. The operators working on product packaging lines in the chemical industry thus need conveyor tools that guarantee maximum safety as these products are transported from one side of the factory to the other.


Specialising in building conveyor systems for the agri-food and pharmaceutical industries, Benne SA offers its expertise with a range of conveyors perfectly suited to the chemicals sector.

How should you choose the ideal conveyor for your chemical production process?


The production process within a chemical factory involves many handling stages that are often delicate for operators. Handling and transporting chemical products requires specific practices to avoid handling accidents. To be fully effective, the industrial conveyors used in the chemical industry must make work easier for operators without placing them in danger.


To meet the very specific needs of the chemical industry in terms of transporting products, we have designed industrial conveyors that fully comply with the standards imposed in this sector. Our conveyor systems are completely sealed to ensure your chemical products can be handled in differently pressurised zones.


All the parts of our conveyors for the chemical industry are easily dismantled for quick and thorough cleaning in full compliance with the hygiene standards in force throughout the production chain (motor, belt, housing etc.). Finally, our industrial conveyors are entirely produced in stainless steel blasted with micro-beads for easy disinfection.


The belts on our conveyors are also designed with the same high professional standards to guarantee the health and safety of operators in the chemical industry:


  • They are easy to clean and maintain
  • They guarantee the conformity of your chemical manufacturing process
  • They are intuitive and easy for your operators to use
  • They enable optimum monitoring of your whole production process
  • They can adapt to various structural constraints within the chemical industry
  • They will make life easier for your operators by providing ergonomic workstations
  • Benne SA, the specialist in conveyors for the chemical industry


    Thanks to our expertise in building conveyors suited to the most complex industrial sectors, we position ourselves as your go-to partner for conveyor designs for the chemical industry.


    Thanks to our expertise, we can produce industrial conveyors that are perfectly tailored to the specific needs of your activity sector. Whatever your project, we can draw on our experience to offer you conveyor solutions that meet your expectations.


    To give you an overview of our skills, here are a few conveyor projects we have supervised in the chemical industry:


  • Set of conveyors for a waste processing plant
  • Specific conveyors for washing barrels
  • Sealed stainless steel conveyor created to transport petri dishes
  • Conveyors for transporting soap pearls

    convoyeurs industrie pharmaceutique

    Sealed stainless steel conveyor for industry

    Convoyeur pour transport de perle de savon

    Conveyor for transporting soap pearls


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