A machine for sawing duck legs and shanks.

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Types de convoyeurs Droit

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Technical description:

The machine comprises an integrated two-channel conveyor to supply the shanks and sorting stations, a cutting module with two round blades sending the products to the exit conveyor and a container for collecting waste. 

The equipment is made from 304L and 316L stainless steel and composites, in compliance with hygiene rules and NA approvals.

On the way onto the conveyor, a storage hopper with a retracting function for filling from a palox tipper allows one or two operators per channel to supply the machine. 

A 316L stainless steel hopper, a frame made from 304L stainless steel tubes, welded construction, shot blasted finish, pneumatic actuator, protection panels on recessed points.

The hopper pivots down from the loading side. In this case, during loading, the products are automatically sent to the loading part of the machine, towards the bottom of the hopper.

Video available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vA4u_7b5j-o

Application :
Automated transfer and cutting for duck and goose shanks and legs. The ability to use the same system for any other cutting or size adjustment needs for your products.
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