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Our range of standard industrial conveyors enables you to create more basic lines that may be just as suitable for your projects as a custom solution. Our specialists in the Néoveur range can offer expertise accumulated over many years.
They take pride in listening carefully to your needs before starting work.
This enables them to target your expectations accurately and respond as quickly as possible.

As a designer and manufacturer, we can reduce the time needed to produce our conveyors – we control the design and production flows, and everything takes place in-house.

This means we can manage our lead times as efficiently as possible.

For the Néoveur range, we have an established computer-aided design (3D CAD) system for these conveyors.

This makes it quick and easy to adapt the dimensions of these conveyors – instead of redesigning all the parts affected by a change of dimension, we simply adjust a data matrix.

We enter three conveyor parameters – length, width and height – just once, and turn the selected options on or off, and the program creates a 3D model of the conveyor with the required dimensions and options. Plans can then be produced almost automatically.


Appropriate handling for products as they are processed is a necessity for many companies, regardless of activity sector. Whether your business specialises in agri-food, bottling or waste management, we can offer appropriate, coherent conveyor solutions to transform your logistical constraints into productivity gains.

Within our family SME based in Castres, we design high-performance conveyor systems developed using our expertise in industrial handling and more than 35 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality conveyor belts. We also offer our wide range of standard conveyors to meet your company’s needs.

Standard conveyors to meet your company’s needs

All the standard conveyors in our Néoveur range (belt, modular belt, metal belt, slat band chain, gravity or motorised roller, vibrating etc.) respond to three primary objectives, from their design as a 3D model to their production to meet the needs of your business. These objectives are:

  • Adaptability
  • Reliability
  • Safety

Above all, we are committed to the idea of designing standard conveyors that are perfectly suited to your needs. Our teams will place all their expertise at the service of your project to propose a conveyor solution that takes your industrial handling issues into account. Our role will thus be to listen to your specific needs and suggest an appropriate solution as quickly as possible.

We guarantee the total reliability of our standard conveyors thanks to our complete control over the manufacturing process, which is performed in-house by our own specialists. Our standard conveyors are designed by our design office and produced at our workshops in Castres for optimum quality control. We will set up our standard conveyors directly at your site to guarantee the complete reliability of the installation. Technical support and a dedicated after-sales team are available to provide quick, relevant answers if you have any problems with our standard conveyors.

Finally, our standard conveyors are designed to comply with the Machinery Directive to guarantee total operator safety. Our standard conveyors are supplied with all the technical documentation required by the directive (overall plan, compliance certificate, risk analysis, instruction manual).

Our standard conveyor range

Our range of standard conveyors includes belt conveyors, modular belt conveyors, roller conveyors, slat band chain conveyors and handling chain conveyors. Designed from 3D models that can be configured in terms of length, width and height, our standard conveyors can easily be adapted to suit your company’s needs.


Each type of standard conveyor is available in several models to meet your most specific requirements. We invite you to browse through our range of straight, curved, troughed, angled, inclined, knife-edge and central drive conveyors to select the most relevant solution for your industrial handling problems.


Do you have a project ? Call us, our experts will guide you towards the best design for it.

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