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An accumulation conveyor line for glass bottles

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Technical description:

To improve the production flow between different kinds of production, the customer wishes to create an accumulation zone between two packaging machines. This buffer allows changing production while minimising production downtime.

The line will comprise modular belt conveyors for the accumulation part and chain driven pallet conveyors for the part that returns to products to the queue and returns them to production.

All of the conveyors will be supplied by a cabinet with a PLC so that conveyor stopping and starting can be managed, with the ability to empty the production line and start the next production batch simultaneously.
The conveyors will be equipped with their servo drive and control cells, four conveyors that are 5,500 mm long for a 400 85 mm diameter bottle accumulation capacity and one 3,200 mm 200 85 mm diameter bottle capacity. This gives a total of 1,800 bottles representing approx. 13.5 minutes of storage time 8,000 bottles per hour, with a max. weight per conveyor of 2,400 kg.
For 75 mm diameter bottles, the total represents 2,100 mm, or approx. 15.75 min. 

Application :
Transferring and accumulating glass syrup bottles to limit production stoppages. The ability to use this same line for any other type or shape of glass, PET, cardboard bottle, etc.
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