Belt conveyor for transporting pizzas.


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Belt conveyor for transporting pizzas.


Technical description:

The conveyor collects pizzas on two tracks simultaneously and accelerates one track to separate the pizzas.


The conveyor output carries out a left-to-right translation movement to restore the pizzas to single file so that they can be transferred to a packing machine.



The products transported are precooked 320 g pizzas. They come in two formats:

–          Round, with a diameter of 280 mm

–          And rectangular, with dimensions of 380 x 260 mm

The production rate is 2,400 pizzas/hour, with a conveyor speed of 30 m/min.

The system is manufactured from stainless steel to comply with the customer’s food standards and facilitate everyday cleaning.


Watch the machine in action



The machine can be used in many settings where products need to be brought back into single file.