The handling needs of the agri-food industry are different from those of other industrial sectors, partly because the products being conveyed are fragile and perishable. Agri-food products pose specific logistical problems for companies, which require appropriate conveying systems to be put in place. Our experience in the agri-food sector, with which we maintain close links, as well as our expertise in industrial handling, places us in a privileged position to be able to help you with your agri-food conveying project. We can design agri-food conveyors tailored to the specific needs of the agri-food sector.

How do I choose the right agri-food conveyor for my company?

An agri-food conveyor has to adapt to various constraints, which may be logistical in nature, as with other industrial conveying systems, but are chiefly and more specifically linked to food safety. The food safety of a material or item refers to its capacity to come into contact with foodstuffs. The materials used to produce a food conveyor have to be inert, which means they do not react with other chemical compounds or elements. When transporting agri-food products on a conveyor belt, the agri-food conveyor does not affect their temperature, and guarantees a limited contact time with the belt during conveying.

Benne SA, the expert in design standards for agri-food conveyors

To respond to these food safety constraints, we have designed industrial conveyors suited to the specific needs of the agri-food sector. Our agri-food conveyors can transport food products in total safety thanks to their specially adapted belt. The belts of our agri-food conveyors are designed with specific materials, enabling the effective, sterile cleaning of your production lines. Our agri-food conveyors are also constructed from stainless steel blasted with micro-beads to protect them against rust. This makes them fully compliant with the standards in place in the agri-food industry to prevent the contamination of food products.

To guarantee their compliance with European design standards, the belts of our agri-food conveyors are supplied with a food safety certificate. This certification ensures the traceability of our agri-food conveyors and the complete safety of your agri-food products.


Convoyeur élévateur

Inclined modular belt conveyor for transporting vegetables.

3D pvpbourgogne_274682

Conveyor for sorting baguettes

Ligne de convoyage pour le transport de barquettes plastiques

Complete conveyor line for carrying plastic trays

Convoyeur à bande transport de fruits

Belt conveyor for transporting fruit

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