To guarantee material handling perfectly suited to their products, companies need to equip their production lines with industrial conveyors that are fully aligned with the specific issues associated with their activity sector. Conveyors are the most appropriate solution for handling a company’s goods in the best and safest way possible.


While belt conveyors are among the types most commonly found in warehouses, roller conveyors are also an essential conveyor system in all areas of activity. As experts in the manufacture of industrial conveyors for over 35 years, Benne SA offers many roller conveyor models in its standard range.

Why choose a roller conveyor?


The choice of a roller conveyor depends on the specific needs of your activity sector. If you need to transport heavy loads from one point to another in your warehouse, a roller conveyor will be very useful to optimise your production process and make the handling task easier for your operators.


Roller conveyors are perfectly suited to transporting boxes, tubs, plastic trays and, in general, any load with a flat bottom. This is because the purpose of a roller conveyor is to carry goods from point A to point B via the mechanical force of the rotating rollers.


Roller conveyors have many advantages for:


  • Reducing your operators’ journeys within your warehouse, particularly for picking and order preparation
  • Increasing safety for your operators by reducing their journeys and the circulation of motorised handling equipment
  • Improving productivity in your warehouse, increasing the number of orders prepared by each operator for example
  • Connecting different areas of the warehouse
  • Receiving, distributing and dispatching goods in the loading bay area
  • Roller conveyors are highly versatile conveying systems, which can easily be adjusted according to the specific challenges of your activity sector. Depending on your needs, we can supply an appropriate conveyor system from among the different roller conveyors in our range.

    The different roller conveyors designed by Benne SA

    The motorised roller conveyors we offer are divided into four separate branches, which include:

    • Free-roller conveyors, also known as gravity conveyors
    • Driven-roller conveyors
    • Heavy-duty driven roller conveyors
    • Curved roller-conveyors, either free-roller or driven-roller

    The difference between free-roller and driven-roller conveyors lies in the mechanical force applied to the rollers to rotate them. Driven-roller conveyors are powered by a motor, while free-roller conveyors require human force or a slight incline to move the loads.

    Whether you choose a free-roller or a driven-roller model, our roller conveyors will make it easy to transport your goods from one end of your warehouse to the other.

    Convoyeur droit à rouleaux motorisés

    Straight heavy-duty motorised roller conveyor

    Convoyeur courbe à rouleaux motorisés 90° sans longueur droite

    90°curved motorised roller conveyor with no straight length

    Convoyeur droit à rouleaux entrainés

    Straight driven-roller conveyor

    Le convoyeur droit à rouleaux libres permet à vos produits d’être transporté par la seule force humaine ou la gravité induite par une pente donné.

    Straight gravity conveyor

    Convoyeur courbe à rouleaux motorisés 90°

    90° motorised roller conveyor


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