These belt conveyors (standard conveyors) have been greatly standardised and are suitable for many applications, including in the agri-food sector.

Their simple design enables rapid production and increased reliability for these types of conveyors.

We have taken care to provide a good level of quality and robustness, increasing the longevity of these models.


Convoyeur courbe à bande à sabre BENNE SA

Curved knife-edge belt conveyor

Convoyeur droit à bande à inflexion

Straight angled belt conveyor

Convoyeur droit à bande élévateur

Straight inclined belt conveyor

Convoyeur droit à bande à relevage de bande en porte à faux

Straight belt-lift cantilever belt conveyor

Specialising in the production of high-quality conveyor belts since its creation in 1985, the Tarn-based family company Benne SA offers a wide range of standard conveyors and belt conveyors tailored to the needs of your business.


How does a belt conveyor work?

A belt conveyor is an industrial handling system used to carry products of all types and shapes from A to B within a company’s logistics chain (receipt, production, storage, order preparation and dispatch).

A belt conveyor essentially consists of a belt, drums or pulleys supported by bearings and a motor. The movement of this belt, driven by the rotation of the drums, is what enables the belt conveyor to work. The belt is set in motion through friction with the drum known as the drive pulley, which is rotated by the motor. The other drum, the idler pulley, keeps the belt under tension in order to increase the drive friction.


The different types of belt conveyors offered by Benne SA

The belt conveyors we supply are standard conveyors designed to meet the industrial handling needs of any business sector. Our belt conveyors are perfectly suited to the agri-food and pharmaceutical sectors, with which we maintain close links, but they are also ideal for the packaging, cardboard, textile, automotive, timber and machinery sectors, among many others.

All our belt conveyors are designed from 3D models that can be configured in terms of length, width and height to adapt to the specific needs of your activity. This reliable, proven design technique enables us to offer robust belt conveyors with excellent longevity.

The main types of belt conveyors are straight and curved conveyors, which themselves are available in multiple models. Straight belt conveyors are the most common conveying systems. They can transport products in straight lines. Curved belt conveyors are used for routing lines around obstacles or optimising space within a warehouse.

We can supply various models of belt conveyors, which can be integrated into a full process line, so that you can select the most appropriate model for your company’s needs:

  • Straight trough belt conveyor
  • Curved knife-edge belt conveyor
  • Straight angled belt conveyor
  • Straight inclined belt conveyor
  • Straight belt-lift cantilever belt conveyor
  • Extra-wide straight belt conveyor
  • Straight knife-edge belt conveyor
  • Straight central-drive belt conveyor
  • Straight small-roller belt conveyor
  • Straight belt conveyor
  • Curved belt conveyor


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