These belt conveyors (standard conveyors) have been greatly standardised and are suitable for many applications, including in the agri-food sector.

Their simple design enables rapid production and increased reliability for these types of conveyors.

We have taken care to provide a good level of quality and robustness, increasing the longevity of these models.


Gamme de convoyeurs pour l’industrie agroalimentaire

Conveyors for the food industry

Convoyeur droit à bande en auge

Straight trough belt conveyor

Convoyeur courbe à bande à sabre BENNE SA

Curved knife-edge belt conveyor

Convoyeur droit à bande à inflexion

Straight angled belt conveyor

Since 1985, Tarn-based BENNE S.A. has specialised in the design of conveyor belts and systems suited to the transport and logistics needs of industrial sector companies. A key element in the manufacture of a belt conveyor system, the belt provides a solution to numerous problems associated with industrial logistics. Drawing on our expertise in this field, we can help you design your conveyors by offering you our 100% French-made conveyor belts.


The conveyor belt, a central element in conveyor design

The conveyor belt is at the heart of conveyor system operation. Its role is to carry goods from one end of the production chain to the other. A conveyor belt is a wide, flexible, flat belt whose length depends on the handling needs of the conveyor line. It is driven by the rotation of the conveyor drums. A conveyor belt is designed to operate without interruption, to ensure the continuous, automated transport of goods on the conveyor line.


Conveyor belts ensure optimum stability for the goods carried, whether bulk goods or individual loads. The efficiency of conveyor belts explains why they are used in so many industrial sectors seeking the right solution to meet challenges associated with industrial handling. BENNE S.A. designs conveyor belts for a wide range of industrial applications:


  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Linen industry – textiles
  • Timber industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Machinery industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Cardboard industry


Benne SA expertise in the design of conveyor belts


Since 1985, we have developed unique expertise in the design of conveyor belts suited to the transport and logistics needs of industrial sector companies. Our main aim is to showcase our know-how in this field, so that we can offer you high-quality conveyor belts.


To make the most of our expertise, we make it a point of honour to offer only French-made conveyor belts. They are produced at our site in Castres, enabling us to guarantee optimum manufacturing quality to meet your expectations.


Our range includes over 100 types of conveyor belt, available in different materials, adhesives and colours. Our conveyor belts are designed for a wide range of industrial sectors and suitable for all industrial environments.


We are particularly keen to ensure the quality of the materials used in the design of our conveyor belts. All our raw material suppliers are audited regularly by our quality department.


Our conveyor belts comply with current hygiene standards and are perfectly suited to the specific hygiene requirements of the pharmaceutical and food processing industries. We offer conveyor belts that are suitable for food contact and have been certified as food-safe in accordance with current regulations.


Finally, our large stock of conveyor belts means we can meet your needs as quickly as possible.


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