BENNE SA is a family SME based in Castres in France’s Tarn region. It has specialised in manufacturing conveyor belts and transmission belts since it was founded in 1985. Our goal is to create industrial conveyor systems to suit your company’s needs based on your specifications.

Our expertise in industrial handling enables us to design custom conveyor systems tailored to the needs of your activity. Industrial handling refers to all the operations involved in transporting materials and products within a company. Our ambition is to become your partner of choice for your industrial conveyor projects, whatever your sector of activity.


Industrial handling

As a manufacturer of custom industrial conveyors, we are ready to meet your needs!

We design conveyors and conveyor systems customised for our clients based on their specifications.

Technicien BENNE SA

Industrial conveyors

We work with you to invent the solutions you need. As a manufacturer of conveyor systems, we create, develop and install your projects especially for you. Our Tarn-based company designs exactly the installation you need.

BENNE SA, the specialist in industrial conveyor design

Thanks to our expertise in industrial handling, we can offer a wide choice of industrial conveyors, whether you choose a standard conveyor from the Néoveur range or a custom conveyor designed specifically for your company’s needs.

Our range of standard industrial conveyors includes belt conveyors, modular belt conveyors, roller conveyors, pallet chain conveyors and handling chain conveyors. Our industrial conveyors are designed from 3D models that can be configured in terms of length, width and height. We can easily adapt them to your company’s needs.

We also produce custom industrial conveyors equipped with specific systems designed for your needs and expectations. Our industrial handling skills allow us to offer solutions that are perfectly suited to your industrial problems:

Industrial handling and more


Designed to your specifications

Our made-to-measure creations


Discover our “Néoveur” range

Our range of standard conveyors

How to choose an industrial conveyor for your company ?

The industrial conveyors we design can adapt to the specific needs of your activity sector. If your company specialises in agri-food, we can offer industrial conveyors suited to handling food products. Our special agri-food belt conveyor can transport your food products in total safety thanks to its specially adapted belt.

We also offer you the option of configuring an industrial conveyor tailored to your company’s needs with our online configurator. This tool allows you to define an industrial conveyor in a few clicks that is perfectly suited to your needs based on models from our standard range:

Using our online configurator will give you a clear, detailed view of your future industrial conveyor. We aim to support you in the search for the most appropriate conveyor solution for your needs. We are transparent in presenting all the stages in the production of your industrial conveyor (studies, design and fabrication).






CA 2021

13 800 000€
of revenue in 2022


10 000 m²
of workshop space




+ de 10 000
conveyors produced

Thibault BENNE


“At BENNE SA, we manufacture industrial conveyors and design custom conveyor systems that are reliable, long-lasting and efficient.

Our goal is to find technical solutions for every project that fit the constraints of your location and fulfil all your needs.

Our strength is our ability to take care of the whole production process in-house at our production site in Castres, because every conveyor is unique.”


Thibault Benne

Chairman of Benne SA



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I am sending you this email to thank Benne SA for its responsiveness and professionalism.

Logista France

Thank you for the documents and for your welcome on Friday. We were very pleasantly surprised by the quality of your work, which meets our needs perfectly!


We are very satisfied with our latest order. The measurements and advice of your sales technician were much appreciated. The quality of the conveyor is very satisfactory (equipment and finish). Your company responded quickly – we needed to modify the conveyor feet after the order was placed, and you were able to do so with no impact on the lead time. Financially, the cost of your conveyors is well within market prices, and even very reasonable.


Benne was able to adapt to our specific need, offering excellent value for money and a high level of responsiveness in the event of problems.
The quality of service and follow-up was clear throughout the project: we had almost daily contact with the design office until the project was finally approved, the production/delivery deadlines were always respected even when we were a little late with our approval at certain points, and the after-sales staff are always available and ready to listen. Their stocks and geographical proximity are real advantages.

Saint Mamet

This was a world I knew nothing about, but despite everything we were given very good advice and follow-up.
A first-class technical team: always ready to listen, full of ideas for how to improve the project, open to different methods and later improvements…
Ultimately, we now have exactly what we had imagined in our workshops. What could be better!
Even now, we are still working together to find improvements in our production.
The installation team is first-rate too! 15 days of cohabitation from installation to production. Everything went smoothly in line with the discussions we had had with the technical department.
For the moment, we are learning to work with the lines. We are improving our working methods every day and adapting our production for the better. No major problems with the conveyors! A real plus for us.


No criticism to be made – deadlines respected, quality of reception, installation, testing and commissioning of the conveyor.
Skilled technicians!

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