Defined as rare conveyors, the creation of these personalised conveyors is specific and tailor-made.

We can create conveyors that do not exist. As the base model, we use our Néoveur range of standard conveyors, which we modify and remodel to design the conveyor you need.

We create your custom conveyors to suit your environment.

Transporting wooden boards

Convoyage et manutention de meubles

Conveying and handling of furniture for accessorisation

Convoyeur élévateur

Inclined modular belt conveyor for transporting vegetables.

Ensemble de convoyeurs pour une usine de traitements de déchets

Set of conveyors for a waste processing plant

Convoyeur à rouleaux et à chaine de manutention pour le transport de palettes

Transporting pallets between two points

Système de convoyage pour le transport de tonneaux

Specific conveyors for washing barrels

filière bois

Conveyors for transporting wooden boards

Système de convoyage pour l'acheminement de tubes de sang

Conveyor system for transporting and checking blood samples

Ligne de convoyage pour le transport de barquettes plastiques

Complete conveyor line for carrying plastic trays

Convoyeur à bande transport de fruits

Belt conveyor for transporting fruit

Convoyeur à bande pour le transport de balles enrubannées

Conveyor line for transporting wrapped bales

convoyeurs industrie pharmaceutique

Sealed stainless steel conveyor for industry

Convoyeur zone de contrôle matériaux isolants

Conveyor for an insulation material inspection area

Convoyeur élévateur transport de gâteaux apéritifs

Inclined conveyor transporting snacks.

Ligne complète pour le transport de meubles de cuisine

Complete line for transporting kitchen furniture

Convoyeurs à bande pour le transport de sacs de linge sale

Transporting bags of laundry

Système de convoyage, convoyeurs pour la fin de ligne d’une usine de fabrication de tablette de chocolat

Chocolate bar conveyor line

Convoyeur courbe à bande agroalimentaire

Knife-edge belt conveyor for cookies

Ligne de conditionnement pâtisserie BENNE SA

Packaging line for baked goods

Système de convoyage automatisé pour pneus

Automatic conveyor system for tyres


Chronology of your projects

Processus ligne complete
Our pre-project team, consisting of an expert from each field – a sales engineer, a design engineer and a pre-sales technician – advises all our customers in their search for solutions. Depending on the customer’s needs, this team can provide advice in order to conceive and design the project they want with specific solutions.
: Our engineers and project designers model and conceptualise all the projects you want. Our teams visit your sites to adapt our conveyor lines to your environment. They model the project, which is then designed methodically by our design office.
Each team receives the plans and produces their parts of the conveyor.
Our automation technicians program the electrical system to suit the customer’s needs. They adapt to any additional machinery integrated into the line and take every detail into account to build the lines you need.
Our assembly staff put the complete lines and conveyors together. Everything is pre-tested in our workshops with quality controls at every stage.
Next, our assembly staff install the production lines at your premises and re-test their operation before commissioning.
If you have any technical questions, belt changes or modifications to make to any of our conveyors, our quality department can answer all your questions. They will put you in touch with the qualified staff who will be able to respond directly to your problem.


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