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Benne SA, the expert in custom conveyor design

To design a custom conveyor, we start with reliable, proven techniques, combining our unparalleled expertise in industrial handling with the use of the most advanced technologies. We design our industrial conveyors on the basis of 3D models that can be configured in terms of length, width and height. This design method allows us to produce custom conveyors that are perfectly suited to your company’s needs.

Thanks to our industrial handling skills, we are able to offer dedicated custom solutions tailored to the needs of your activity:

  • Complete process lines suitable for any activity sector and incorporating multiple industrial conveyors
  • Line ends for packaging and packing (box filling, taping machines, sealers, palletisation) to make life easier for operators and accelerate production
  • Integrating robotics into your production lines for increased automation of your production
  • Integrating special machines into your pre-designed lines
  • Personalised custom conveyors suited to your industrial environment

To transport their products securely, companies need access to conveyor solutions suited to their industrial context, regardless of their activity sector.

To help you transform your logistical constraints into productivity gains, we can share our expertise in industrial handling with you.

This expertise, informed by nearly 40 years of experience in the manufacture of conveyor belts and complex industrial handling systems, enables us to design custom conveyors suited to the needs of your activity.

With the professional support we can provide, we want to become your preferred partner for the completion of your industrial handling projects.


Custom conveyors: a turnkey solution for your company

Thanks to our expertise in industrial handling, we are able to offer a wide range of standard conveyors. However, depending on the specific needs of your industrial activity, a standard conveyor may not be ideally suited to your logistical constraints. We can design and produce custom conveyors for all your industrial conveyor projects so that you can benefit from turnkey solutions tailored to your industrial objectives.

To guarantee an industrial conveyor system totally adapted to your company’s needs, we offer you the possibility of configuring the options of your custom conveyors with our online quote request feature. Based on one of the straight or curved conveyor models in our standard range, you can define a custom conveyor meeting the needs of your activity in just a few clicks.

This turnkey solution has two aims. Firstly, it presents all the stages in the production of your custom conveyor completely transparently (studies, design and manufacture) to ensure the project fulfils your expectations to the full. Secondly, it gives our qualified technicians everything they need to produce your custom conveyor under the best possible conditions.

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