Our QSE (Quality, Safety and Environment) team watches continuously over these three elements, both in-house and outside the company.

Quality at Benne SA: keeping a close eye on the condition of products entering and leaving our company.

From a simple raw material to the finalisation of a complete line, everything is controlled in various ways.

We use traceability to track the history, use and composition of industrial and food products from production to distribution. All the products are monitored throughout their lifetime.

Checks on raw materials and other items entering the company

Control of finished products

Traceability and food contact

QMOS welding qualification



CACES certification of fitness for safe operation

In-house training on bridge cranes/forklifts and electrical accreditation

Working conditions

Updating of the safety assessment document

EPI visière
EPI lunettes
EPI gants anticoupure
EPI chaussure de sécurité
EPI casque sooudure
EPI bouchons d'oreilles
EPI harnais
EPI gilets orange
EPI casque de protection
EPI casque anti bruits


Pictogramme environnement

Saving energy

Photo tri sélectif

Waste sorting

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