Automatic conveyor system for tyres

Automatic conveyor system for tyres



The conveyor system is a set of conveyors for a tyre transport line. The customer wanted to integrate tyre deburring into the current line.


Technical description:

The products transported are tyres of all dimensions (the weight and format varying from one tyre to another) transported flat, emerging from presses and cooled on accumulation conveyors.



The system operates three eight-hour shifts at a rate of 22,000 tyres per day.

The project involved modifying existing conveyors and producing and installing a gravity conveyor, a curved gravity conveyor, a straight driven roller conveyor, a modular belt conveyor and a spiral conveyor. The equipment complies with the 2006/42/EC machinery directive in terms of safety and was supplied with a CE installation conformity certificate.


Watch the project in operation in the factory.

Continuous automated transport of tyres in all formats and weights, with deburring function incorporated into the production line. Can be used with any other product requiring deburring or transport.