Packaging line for baked goods

Packaging line for baked goods


This packaging line is designed to transport quiches and flans for freezing and packaging.


Technical description:

In all, the line consists of:

  • five curved central drive conveyors
  • three straight modular belt conveyors
  • one 25° S-curve central drive conveyor
  • six food-grade straight belt conveyors
  • a stainless steel straight motorised roller conveyor

The products are manufactured on the production line before being conveyed to the freezer for freezing and then packaged.


Products transported: 

Flans and quiches: aluminium flan or quiche tray

Macaroons and choux pastries: aluminium tray, thermoformed sheet, PE sheet or stainless steel rack

Packaging: aluminium tray and thermoformed sheet


Number of hours of operation per day: 2 x 8 hours a day, 5 days a week

Environment: humid



This type of project can be created in the following activity sectors:

  • agri-food
  • pharmaceuticals
  • chemicals

This type of product can be applied to any activity sector producing edible goods on a packaging line.