Conveyor for transporting soap pearls

Conveyor for transporting soap pearls



This conveyor transports soap pearls in the cosmetics sector. The line integrates machines, robotics and end-of-line systems for transport and packaging.

Technical description:

This conveying system takes full charge of soap pearl packaging.

The line includes eight conveyors:

  • Standard gravity conveyors
  • Straight motorised roller conveyor
  • 90° curved motorised roller conveyor
  • Motorised roller conveyor with ejector
  • Straight motorised roller conveyor for heavy loads
  • Double-chain pallet conveyor with perpendicular collection point

Special machines are integrated between these conveyors, such as:

  • Box former
  • Weighing machine
  • Box closer
  • Taping/labelling machine
  • Pallet unstacker, wrapping machine
  • Robot

Rate: 1 box per minute

Weight: Boxes -> 25 kg – Pallets -> 500 kg

Operating hours: 24 hours a day, seven days a week


This is a line that could be used to package small products in the chemical industry. It could be adapted for the agri-food and pharmaceutical sectors for edible products by changing the belts.