Chocolate bar packaging

Convoyeurs pour la fin de ligne d'une usine de fabrication de tablettes de chocolat

Chocolate bar packaging


This line packs cellophane-wrapped chocolate bars in cardboard boxes for palletisation.


Technical description:

In all, the line consists of three work areas:

  • positioning empty boxes
  • packing
  • the pallet line

The objective is to supply two filling stations with chocolate bars exiting a cellophane wrapping machine and

empty boxes. The filled boxes are then transported to the palletisation robot via a weighing station and a

taping machine. Finally, the palletising system is supplied with empty pallets and the full pallets are transferred to a wrapping machine

at the end of the line.


Products transported:

  • Cellophane wrapped chocolate bars in batches
  • Formats:
    • bars of 100 or 150 g in batches of 5 or 10,
    • cardboard boxes: 425 x 230 x 195,
    • pallets 1000 x 1200 x 8 layers
  • Rate:
    • 1 box of 10 kg/48 s,
    • 1 box of 15 kg/72 s,
  • Number of hours of operation per day: 16 hrs


Integration of the following machines:

  • box former
  • weighing machine
  • taping machine
  • unstacker
  • robot
  • pallet wrapper



This type of project can be created in the following activity sectors:

  • all activity sectors
  • transport of packaged products