Knife-edge belt conveyor for cookies

Convoyeur à bande à sabre

Knife-edge belt conveyor for cookies

Technical description: 

This industrial line was designed with belt conveyors for a customer in the food processing sector.

The knife-edge belt conveyors are used to cool cookies.

The problem the project posed for our customer was the need to cool the cookies in a limited space.

To achieve this, our design engineer suggested taking the cookies through a loop up in the air, using the free space above the machines.

  • Cookie weight: 18 g, diameter: 55 mm
  • 16 cookies on the same belt
  • Maximum speed: 5 m/min
  • Operation: 3×8 hours
  • Temperature: -25°C

The overall project consists of:

  • Three straight double knife-edge central drive conveyors with automatic belt guide (20 m each)
  • One 180° curved knife-edge belt conveyor
  • Two 90° curved knife-edge belt conveyors
  • A structure raising the assembly 3 m above the ground

 Video of cookies passing between knife-edge conveyors.


This type of machine can be used in any industry that needs to transport small products requiring small roller diameters and/or with installation difficulties due to a shortage of space.