Conveyor line for storing rubber pallets between two levels

Transport and storage of rubber pallets



This line was created to store rubber pallets between levels 0 and 1 of the factory.


Technical description:

First of all, full pallets are loaded and empty pallets unloaded on level 0.

Conveyors installed alongside enable the pallets to be stored as they wait to be loaded or unloaded.

Two lifts carry pallets between levels 0 and 1.

The same applies to level 1.


Conveyor types:

  • 2 lifts to carry the pallets
  • 4 straight conveyors with 2 motorised roller tracks



  • Product size: 1200 x 1000 x 1500
  • Weight of transported product: 1200 kg


Dimensional characteristics of the product: 

  • Operation per day:3 x 8 hours
  • Rate:10 loads per hour
  • Environment: dry
  • Temperature: between 10°C and 45°C



This conveyor system can be used to transport pallets, but it also has applications in the timber sector to carry sheets of wood or large-scale materials.

Useful in particular for carrying products from one level to another. The system can be used in the following sectors:  bottling, timber and automotive design