Transporting bags of laundry

Transporting bags of laundry


This line transports bags of laundry in a hospital setting. The bags are carried to the laundry room for washing.


Technical description:

In all, the line consists of:

  • 11 belt conveyors
  • 6 hatches
  • 2 fire-break hatches

The goal is to transport bags of dirty laundry as easily as possible from any floor.

To achieve this, we designed a system of hatches on each floor of the hospital, in which the bags of laundry are deposited. The bags fall through a vertical chute and are collected on a conveyor.

The bags are carried to the laundry on belt conveyors.

Products transported: bags of dirty laundry


This type of project can be created in the following activity sectors:

  • pharmaceuticals
  • laundry/textiles

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