Conveyor line for transporting wrapped bales

Convoyeur à bande pour le transport de balles enrubannées


This conveyor line collects wrapped bales as they leave the wrapping machine. They are placed on the roller conveyor on their flat surface (rotated through 90°) using a hydraulic grab. They are weighed on the weighing conveyor. The bale is made available to the forklift operator outside the fenced enclosure.


Project description:

This custom industrial handling system transports wrapped bales of plastic.

Global description of the project in more detail:

  • 4 belt conveyors
  • 1 hydraulic turning grip
  • 1 hydraulic unit
  • A safety system for locking the zone (interlocked doors)
  • Electrical cabinet and wiring

Technical data:

  • Product transported: wrapped bales weighing over a tonne
  • Product weight: 1 tonne
  • Product size: 1,200 x 1,200 mm
  • Transport direction: flat surface on the conveyors
  • Rate: four bales per hour
  • Temperature and environment: 5 – 40° / dusty environment



This custom project was designed to meet the needs of one of our customers in the agricultural recycling sector.


Video of the project on our Instagram page: