Specific conveyors for washing barrels

Ligne complète de convoyeurs spécialisée dans le lavage de tonneaux

Specific conveyors for washing barrels



These conveyors were created for washing and sorting barrels containing chemical products. A complete line of conveyors was created to transport the barrels.


Technical description:

This conveyor line carries barrels containing chemical products.

In all, the line consists of 30 conveyors:

  • Belt conveyors (standard types) incorporating gear motors, rollers, bearings, cylinders, modular conveyors…


Products transported:

  • 10 kg barrels

The line operates continuously for eight hours per day at an overall speed of 12 metres per minute.



Our equipment complies with the safety standards of the 2006/42/EC machinery directive.



This type of project can be created in the following activity sectors:

  • Waste transport
  • Timber sector
  • Pharmaceutical industry

But this type of line can only carry non-food items and is best suited to large products such as:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Automotive parts
  • Aeronautical parts